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Road to Jewels About Owner

⏰ Where it all began...

For Christmas 2019 I was gifted my own starter jewellery kit and started making my own pieces for fun during the holidays. I used a number of YouTube tutorials for guidance and made my first sets of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I spent January 2020 practising my new hobby and gifting most of my creations to friends and family.

Since then I started sharing my progress online and have been regularly experimenting with new styles, materials and different types of jewellery. Majority of my pieces are now available to purchase with full product descriptions so you know what will suit you best!

💎 My jewellery

Most of my pieces are made using beads, healing crystals, 14K gold-filled material, sterling silver, stainless steel, gold steel and rose gold-filled material. I will always give as much detail as possible in my product descriptions, including the difference between various materials and size charts.

I am open to custom and bespoke queries! You can view my custom pieces to date in my 'Bespoke' highlights on Instagram or contact me via my Contact page for a custom request.

I decided to re-brand in July 2021, now accompanying my jewellery with more affirmations, healing & daily reminders. My aim is to make people feel good through both my jewellery and my words. I'd like customers to think of the positive reminders and affirmations while they wear Road to Jewels, to always look and feel good!

I am also open to all feedback, so I encourage buyers to leave a review after purchasing for others to see! I will always do my best to ensure you are happy with your order :)

If you would like regular updates on my progress and activities, follow me on my social media accounts and join me on my personal road to jewels!

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